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    Just put $2k into Boxabl

    I've been looking at startups on different crowdfunding sites for a while but nothing has really gotten me too excited until now. I've been saying for a while now that we're going to start seeing a lot less stick built homes in new construction. Labor shortages have been a problem in skilled...
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    I know one thing for certain...

    all of the market predictions are nothing more than wild guesses. I don't see how any economist can actually make an accurate prediction as to what we're in for over the next several years because all of our economic craziness right now is based on things we've never experienced before. At...
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    How is Groundfloor doing with foreclosure rates being up?

    I was looking at Groundfloor as a potential investment, but curious how well their notes are performing this year. Is it a bad time to get into real estate notes?