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    Real estate always wins

    I agree with you 100% @martinstraughter I used to invest a lot in REITs (and still do) but I like the private market deals because I'm not having to constantly stress about what the market is doing from one day to the next.
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    How is Groundfloor doing with foreclosure rates being up?

    I've been investing with Groundfloor for a couple of years now. Honestly, I have no idea how well it's doing right now. I get a text every couple of days saying "Good news! An investment has been repaid and funds were depositing into your account." I have the auto invest set up so that money...
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    My first alternative investment

    Sounds like you have the right idea @annstalnaker Wine is something you really have to do your homework on before investing so it makes sense to leave the decisions on which wines to buy and when to sell to the experts. Similar to investing in a quality ETF instead of just guessing on stocks.
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    You have to consider which of these startups actually has an exit

    Investing in the right startup can obviously be a profitable endeavor. Venture capitalists have been making billions doing it for years. I get nervous when I see how much money people have invested into some of these though. The thing I think people don't realize is that there needs to be some...
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    Just put $2k into Boxabl

    Looks like you got in early on that crazy @terrycook I think that was the first startup crowdfunding deal I've seen go viral like that. Make sure to keep us posted with how it turns out.