Real estate always wins

Happy to be the first to follow up here!
I just want to say, I'm excited that there are so many options for investing in real estate now. I've always loved real estate and owned a few properties myself for quite a while, but completely underestimated the amount of time I would have to put into those properties.
I personally like the sites out there with lower minimum investments ($5k or less) because I've been able to spread my limited capital across more deals. About half of my real estate portfolio now is in nontraded REITs and the rest is in a few other funds and properties that looked appealing.
The returns haven't been as great the past few months as they were last year, but they're still positive and still a lot better than what the stock market is offering right now.
Even last year when the stock market was on fire I still did better with my real estate investments.


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I agree with you 100% @martinstraughter I used to invest a lot in REITs (and still do) but I like the private market deals because I'm not having to constantly stress about what the market is doing from one day to the next.