Too many sites trying to kill the whole idea behind alternative investments...


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I've been investing in alternatives since before it was really a thing. Mostly through real estate syndications and private credit. To me, the beauty of it is the value of my assets are always based on what they're actually worth. Not what the stock market does based on what Elon Musk tweets or what people think the fed might do next month.
Now there seems to be so many alt investment platforms pushing to create these huge secondary markets. I know that the trading volume on these won't likely hit a point that will impact values too negatively, but why even try to create an environment where that can happen?
I get the liquidity piece of it, but the lack of liquidity is what's protecting the value. Long-term investments almost always win anyway.
Secondary markets allow access for lower level investors that haven't had access to these asset classes in the past. Isn't there value in democratizing that?

I understand the risk of opening up the pool but, ultimately, these assets should be underpinned by their inherent real value rather than volatility from a secondary market.